Wedding bells in Koh Samui

On the 8th of May, 2009 we touched down in my first country. Here was Bangkok, a 9 hour stopover before our connecting flight to Koh Samui and some real R & R.

That didn’t matter, it was my first trip, my adrenaline was pumping, we had a day to kill and Bangkok… was dead!

Anybody who has ever visited the Thai capital will know this statement doesn’t make sense, however as luck would have it (I guess it must have been luck to catch such a rare sight on my first day) today was a Buddhist holy day and much of the city was closed.

Such a languid pace was probably perfect in reflection. It was over 30 degrees with 70-80% humidity, I was stuck in jeans and shoes (our luggage had been checked through), so it really wouldn’t have done to be rushing around.

Still, my first sights were exciting. Street stalls seemed a novelty and everything here was just so green and lush!

Thailand 001

A brush with fame

Still, heat did eventually take it’s toll, and before very long at all we wandering along Khao San Road (that famous backpacker street) searching for some lunch and an ice cold beer!

The joy upon finding both and truly learning the value of the Australian Dollar against the Thai Baht (50 cent beers? Yes please) really lifted the spirits and I was very content to sit, sipping a few cold ones as we whiled away the remaining time before our flight.

We’d booked our accomodation from back in Australia for this part of the trip (in fact it was the only place at all we booked in advance for our entire trip) and Hutcha Resort on Mae Nam beach, Koh Samui really was luxury for one such as me. Our own hut and essentially a private beach (we were there outside of the peak season), it was a gorgeous place.

Hutcha Resort, Koh Samui

Hutcha Resort, Koh Samui

Thailand 043

Local women fishing


Sarah lapping it up

Sarah lapping it up


It really was a lovely place to unwind for a couple of days before the real reason for our Samui sideshow, the wedding of Erin & Lachlan.

A combination of both a western and a Buddhist wedding (lovely to begin with, but my god, can those Monks chant) it really was a beautiful setting to help them celebrate.

Erin & Lachlan

Erin & Lachlan

Wedding vows

Wedding vows

The rest of the night we ate, we drank… possibly drank some more… and the rest of the night is a bit of a blur!

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