“The Travel Book” – A Book Review

“The Travel Book” – Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet, 2004

The Travel Book

Under the Covers…

This one is pretty self explanatory.

Certainly not a travel memoir, as the cover suggests, this is a concise armchair journey through every country of the world (and a few smaller dependencies as well).

There is a basic format used to identify each nation and its essential food, drink, music etc to really help you get an insight into the people themselves, all tied together with some beautiful photography.

What I liked and what I didn’t…

There was plenty I did like about this book and I’m struggling to think of negatives.

My favourite section of the book was compiled by tony Wheeler himself (one of Lonely Planet’s co-founders) focused on smaller, more off the beaten path locations such as Niue or Spitzbergen.

With only about a paragraph and one small photo devoted to each of these fascinating locations, this section could certainly be larger, and perhaps look at some of the worlds disputed territories such as Somaliland or Western Sahara.

Should you give this a read..?

Let’s be honest, this really is a coffee table book.

Few people would simply grab it and read it from cover to cover.

I love to pick it up, open a random page and have a few moments escape (when the real-world has intervened and we are not busy traveling).

As good as it is to satiate that instant need, in the long term however it’s only going to encourage those itchy feet!

But if you love to see the world, love to travel, and would like a few more facts and other juicy titbits, grab yourself a copy (I’d recommend the full sized, hard cover option)

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