Now where to next?

Sometimes the next destination is easy.

It may be that after skimping and saving, you have the finances for that big dream trip or destination.

Other times, as has been the case of late for us, something else has taken us abroad, and we’ve been able to work some sort of trip around it.

So it was that a wedding took us to England, the stepping stone for our recent European tour, so too is it another wedding (what will be my 3rd in a foreign country) that has lead to our upcoming trip to the Indonesian island of Bali.

2009: A wedding took me abroad for the first time to Thailand

2009: A wedding took me abroad for the first time (to Thailand)

Indonesia hasn’t featured highly on my must visit list and the more I think about it, the odder that seems. Most of the images are beautiful, the food sounds delicious, and the people sound welcoming. So why have I never considered it? When I think Indonesia, I think Bali (incidentally, that is where this wedding is), and when i think Bali, I think Kuta, and when I think Kuta I think of drunk, obnoxious Australians!

But with some extra thought, a plan began to form.

You see for some time, the relatively new country of Timor-Leste (East Timor) has been on my radar as a should visit destination. As its people slowly begin to find their feet, it remains visited by relatively few tourists, despite its proximity as one of our closest neighbours, and if we can help them by contributing a few dollars to their economy, then that would be great.

But getting there from Australia (flights only run out of Darwin) have never been cheap. There are however cheaper options flying out of Denpasar, Bali’s main airport, so as you can see, all of a sudden with the addition of a small side trip, this destination no longer seems so bad.

Throw in plans to visit Komodo (to see the fabled Dragons), the Gili Islands and the beautiful rice terraces of Ubud (and then the wedding of some good friends), and all of a sudden this trip is beginning to sound pretty good!

Let’s just hope our tales and photos do it justice.

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