The next big thing!

One quick glance at the countdown clock on the side of our home page will tell you it is finally less than a month until Sarah and I found ourselves once again on the move, and I’m happy to confess that its timing could not be better.

Significant changes changes to our working environment (our company has just been sold, so it has been a stressful and emotional time for many), means we really are looking forward to the chance to break the routine of work and reinvigorate our minds.

I don’t think there is any better place to get excited, than when traveling.

The thought of somewhere new gets me incredibly enthusiastic, and even a long haul flight half way across the world (whilst providing me little sleep), has done little to dampen my enthusiasm to date. Fortunately I can get by on only a few hours rest (and a bit of day 1 adrenaline) and whilst Sarah can’t, she can thankfully sleep anywhere!

What we found incredibly comforting when we returned from Europe was the fact that we were already aware of when our next trip would be. It really did help lessen the gloom often felt when returning to the everyday, after weeks on the road.

This in turn, already has us thinking of the next grand destination (or destinations), so here’s what we have in the works: Central America & Cuba!

The next big thing...

The next big thing… The Central Americas & Cuba (at least)

As the raw basics of this trip have begun to float around between us, it is clear that as a minimum it will include Mexico, Guatemala, Belize & Cuba. The dream would be to extend it over several months as a full Central America, Caribbean & South American endeavor, which would take in many dream destinations.

With no departure date yet in sight, what is clear is that if our situation at work does not ultimately end well, there is already in place an incredibly good Plan B!!

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3 Responses to The next big thing!

  1. Chris says:

    If it comes to pass, we only have time for a shorter trip, then there’s always Plan C, Iran!

  2. Chris says:

    Sarah has advised me that Belize is certainly not on the ‘must visit list’, she would prefer Honduras or Costa Rica. I took some pleasure in pointing out that Belize was originally called the British Honduras. Correct on a technicality?

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