Peace of Mind…

Whenever we get ready to board a flight that will take us abroad, there is always something else we have prepared in advance (not just any Visa’s that may be required).

That one thing is Travel Insurance!

Since we’ve been traveling together we’ve thankfully never needed to make a claim (and touch wood, we shan’t have to either), however we have certainly never made an international trip without it.

Our rugged hiking shoes

Traipsing about in Thongs (Flip Flops). Safe or crazy?

But the truth is, it is not something I would have ever considered when traveling at home, whether local, or to the other side of Australia.

Yet Sarah tells me a tale of a trip she made to Kakadu in the Northern Territory several years ago (she and a girlfriend made the trip), when their tour bus stopped in a car park near some waterfalls.

Assured that the bus would be locked, they prepared to leave their belongings on board before stopping to think “Would we leave our handbags in the car at home?”

The answer was of course no, so quickly grabbing their things, they left the bus.

Some time later it was discovered (I’m sure there is no surprise where this is headed) that the bus had been broken into, with Sarah and her friend the only 2 people on board, not to have lost money and/or passports, etc.

This effectively ruined the holiday for most on board, yet travel insurance would have covered this sad outcome.

Travel insurance, even when in your own country, should surely therefore, always be a consideration.

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