A Very Inspiring Blogger Award?


To be recognised with a nomination in such a category is nice.

It’s lovely to be considered inspiring, however it certainly isn’t something ever considered when this blogging journey first began.

Admittedly, it’s not from any well known travel publication, ready to lavish me with money for the right to share my tales, however from a peer, in this case ‘Travelling Book Junkie‘, and it is very touching indeed.

True to the requirements of the nomination, I’ll mention a few points about ourselves, before nominating 15 fellow members of the blogging fraternity we read with joy and interest (posted by Chris).

Whether there is any legitimacy to the nomination or not, if nothing else, it is a great means of networking, and hopefully exposing some of my favourite travel reading to others.

My Statements

1. I did not enjoy the thrill that is air travel until the age of 21 (a domestic flight from Sydney back to Melbourne)

2. I’ve been able to combine my interest in Genealogy with our travels (visiting a rural home of some ancestors in Hampshire) and hope to do so again to enjoy another passion (space & astronomy) at either (or both) Mauna Kea in Hawaii and an ESA rocket launch in French Guiana

3. I am happy to take things slower, but Sarah feels we’re wasting time if we are not doing something!

4. Only once have I traveled abroad without Sarah (to China, Bangladesh & Singapore)

5. I would love to use our love of travel to find a career in it (who wouldn’t)!

6. If I can find a teacher of the Hungarian language, I would love to learn it and claim my Hungarian passport

7. It is a goal to see both the Northern Lights whilst in the Arctic, and complete the double by seeing the Southern Lights while in the Antarctic.

15 Inspiring Travel Bloggers

Flip Flop the World

Wandering Earl

Renee Travels


Alex in Wanderland

Adventure the Americas

Travelling Book Junkie

Worldly Nomads

Nomadic Matt

Mapping Megan

Ytravel Blog

A Wandering Sole

Angela Travels

Wander Mom

Ordinary Traveler

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2 Responses to A Very Inspiring Blogger Award?

  1. Sue Nash says:

    Wow Chris, if this is true… I hope you do well. Like I’ve said a million times (& not just because I’m your mother) I love reading your blog (when I finally get there) because you write so well. Good luck sweetheart. 🙂 xo

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