Local Gems

It’s always great to make a new discovery, and even more exciting when it happens to be in a place you think you know pretty well.

Now this is exactly what befell me last Saturday after jumping on a tram into the city to try and do some last minute extra Xmas shopping (some would say a crazy idea the day after a work Xmas party).

So after a couple of hours of largely unsuccessful shopping, I found myself on a level of Melbourne Central (an inner city shopping complex) when I spotted what I thought was a great concept, the Melbourne Central Library.

I’ll apologise in advance for the poor photo quality (shot on my average phone camera), but what this place was/is, is essentially a library come book exchange where you can take books, leave books or borrow books!

I thought it was a brilliant free option for both travelers and those suffering financially.

Melbourne Central's 'Little Library'

Melbourne Central’s ‘Little Library’

But Melbourne Central wasn’t finished dishing up the goods there.

On the 3rd level, perched above the street (in what used to be an elevated walkway which crossed into another department store, but is now blocked off), sits the Melbourne Central ‘Community Kitchen Garden’

Here was a great communal space where people could relax in warmth and under cover (it seems to act like a greenhouse), as well as help themselves to some free vegetables and herbs.

Melbourne Central's 'Community Kitchen Garden'

Melbourne Central’s ‘Community Kitchen Garden’

It seemed to serve a mix of both store staff (on their lunch break), shoppers, and even a couple of travelers with backpacks had found it, a nice place for them to grab some rest (and from the few snores I heard, even some sleep)

Free Mint in Thyme?

Free Mint in Thyme?

Even time spent at home can surprise, so never stop exploring!

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