Just another Atauro sunrise

The world often seems a peaceful place before dawn, and this could be anywhere.

Factor in however that there are very few motor vehicles on Atauro Island, the wind was non-existant and the sea was a picture of calm, and you can imagine the quiet of which I speak.

With a plan to catch the sunrise, this was an ideal time to wake, although despite how beautiful a morning it was, Sarah made sure that I knew that the half hour between me waking her and the actual rise of the Sun, would was in essence, lost sleeping time!

The calm waters of Beloi

The calm waters of Beloi

Awaiting the rising Sun

Awaiting the rising Sun

True, we had company in the form of some ravenous Mosquitoes (all the more reason for us to keep consuming those Malaria tablets each day), but otherwise it felt pretty special to have that beach, at that time, all to ourselves.

So, despite her apparent objections, our last day on Atauro Island started in the most beautiful manner with a most spectacular sunrise.

A glow emerges in the east

A glow emerges in the east

A sliver of fire

A sliver of fire emerges

There have been some spectacular sunrises in our lives, I know Sarah rates her dawn spent at the Taj Mahal very highly, but I’d feel comfortable in saying that this was certainly one of the most incredible we’d spent in each others company.

Earth, Fire & Water... but no wind

Earth, Fire & Water… but no wind

With conditions so pleasant and the morning so mild, it was the perfect time to refresh myself with a dip, and hand the photography duties over to Sarah (she is normally insistent that I wear the chief photographer cap).

Captured as a stunning silhouette

Captured as a stunning silhouette

By this time another couple had joined us on the beach (I believe they were French) breaking the sensation of being alone in the world, but to be honest, it would have been selfish to try and claim this moment all to ourselves.

Barry’s had several huts that faced the easterly dawn, and weather permitting, I can not imagine it being anything but a most beautiful image with which to start each day (these huts right on the shore were not fully walled, but instead had small tents inside).

Some of the tented huts at Barry's

Some of the tented huts at Barry’s

And this was all before breakfast…

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6 Responses to Just another Atauro sunrise

  1. Susan Aksu says:

    Just a stunning sight to wake up to. I love the photo of the silhouette in the water I just imagine myself wadding as the sun begins to peak through! Love it! Sounds like a beautiful and spiritual experience with nature.

  2. What beautiful pics! Just the kind of peace and serenity I look for in a getaway. Thx for sharing!

    • Chris says:

      Thanks Doreen, as much as I love the pics, it was a moment that was still that bit more magical seen through our own eyes… 🙂

  3. Tracie Howe says:

    So lovely! This sounds so calming and pleasant. I want to be there right now! 🙂

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