Our Bali bow

Our last day in Bali, and in the morning post wedding I woke feeling surprisingly well. With the painkillers and beer having long ago ceased to have an affect, I had expected to feel some discomfort from my previous days mystery affliction.

Incredibly, I felt fine!

So what did we do? Well let me explain the situation.

Our checkout was around 10-10:30am, however our flight home was not until 1am (although we would be planning to get to the airport much earlier, as we were actually taking Jason’s daughter Charli back home with us).

We were fortunate however, that our hosts at Mu resort made it very clear we were welcome to stay around and make use of the facilities until it was time for us to leave later that evening.

Improving swells near Mu resort in Bingin

Surf’s up near Mu resort in Bingin

So there was nothing else for us to do but re-enact some of our highlights from the previous days spent here (by highlights, I mean essentially do the same as we had every other day).

If you can’t recall, this was a hectic schedule of swimming, taking in the ocean views (with slightly improved surf that day), a bit of napping for Sarah, and reading on our favourite day bed (which also sheltered us from a few tropical downpours).

Surfs up!

Surfs up!

Beautiful views from our indulgent daybed

Beautiful views from our indulgent daybed

Sheltered from the storm

Sheltered from the storm

Now by evening we were ready for the one thing we had both insisted on for our last meal. Another BBQ Snapper at that warung at the bottom of the cliffs.

So it was, that we again found ourselves on the beach, with the setting sun creating all sorts of wonderful colour in the sky.

Balinese sand between our toes for a final time

Balinese sand between our toes for a final time

On the table closest to the water we sat, kicked off our thongs (flip flops), picked our fish (or in the case of Luisa, Georgio & Francesca who dined with us, Prawns & Calimari), and sipped on an ice cold beer.

Then, in a few crazy seconds we were wet. We’d mistakenly trusted that local knowledge had seen the tables placed above the high tide mark.

That trust was obviously misplaced, and it was only through a bit of random luck that none of us lost any footwear (it did however provide some closure on that conundrum of where all of the single flip flops come from. Indonesian beaches of course!)

What could have been a great photo, sadly shot by shaky handed staff. We were all shaking water off minutes later...

What could have been a great photo, sadly shot by shaky handed staff. We were all shaking water off minutes later…

A random stranger had intervened, catching 2 items of footwear that had gone rogue and tried to reach the sea. After a few laughs, and a 2nd crashing wave hit us, we relocated to a table higher up the beach.

Another delicious meal was consumed before Luisa, Georgio and little Francesca had to depart to catch their plane.

Choosing to stay a little longer and enjoy this beautiful spot (with another beer), we were joined by Alex & Cal, a young Melbourne couple we had befriended at the resort.

12:30am found us board our aircraft for the 2 legged flight home (we were flying via Adelaide rather than directly to save ourselves $400.00)

A sunset tribute to our Indonesian & Timor-Leste time

A sunset tribute to our time in Indonesia & Timor-Leste

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2 Responses to Our Bali bow

  1. Joella J says:

    Haha poor you guys, what a hectic last day, sounds awful 🙂 Seriously though, I’m hoping to stop by Bali this summer- can’t wait now! Also, the wedding looks beautiful. Congrats to the bride and groom!

    • Chris says:

      Wedding was beautiful, although I’d have to say I’ve loved a lot more places much more than Bali. So many places in Vietnam or Laos we would return to before here (or somewhere new!)

      Where else are you headed this summer?

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