A Grand Adventure

Do many people have a spare 12 months?

Perhaps spare isn’t the most accurate term, however it is some surprise that at the age of 34 (for Sarah will also be of the same age by then), we find the opportunity before us of 12 months without any working commitments!

Now with that time, we plan to fulfill a dream, and hit the road for 12 months (well, in theory it could be as long or short as we want or can afford, but 12 is the current figure) and embark upon a grand travel adventure!

Some of you may recall that back in November we had already began to formulate a Plan B should our work situation change.

So in essence, these latest plans are really just an extension of those already in motion, just with the reality being that we can now do so at an even more leisurely pace.

Hitting the books: Our favourite kind of study

Hitting the books: Our favourite kind of study

So, how do we plan to do it?

Well as of May 30th, both Sarah and I will be redundant, when our jobs (indeed our whole workplace) is relocated to Sydney, a move we have chosen not to make.

So with redundancy payouts in our pockets (along 6 weeks of unused Annual Leave and our Long Service Leave also paid out), we’re hoping to have sufficient enough finances to fund most, if not all of this year long odyssey.

To tackle our mortgage, we’re looking to get tenants into our apartment, with rents for comparable properties in our building suggesting this should cover it, and hopefully with a little to spare!

The route and itinerary remain fairly loose, and at this stage (beyond Central & South America & the Caribbean) the only new additions are Iceland, Morocco and Iran.

I’m sure some of the other locations that pop up along the way, will be as much a surprise to us, as to any of you who view them through our words and pictures.

Now we can’t wait to get going!

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12 Responses to A Grand Adventure

  1. kellykorbel says:

    Hey guys! I’m so excited for you both! Check out http://www.workaway.info – it’s a great way to extend your trip a little longer than your finances want to let you. I did that in Guatemala and had a wonderful experience. You’re going to some of my favorite countries– HAVE FUN!!!

  2. Joella J says:

    That’s so exciting! Not long to go now. I love living abroad but what I really want to do is pack up and just travel, instead of waiting or each holiday to come around! I see Cuba is on your list from your Lonely Planet guides. I have wanted to go to Cuba for such a long time but haven’t made it yet- so will look forward to reading about it when you get there!

    • Chris says:

      Very much looking forward to Cuba, but at the same time fearful it won’t live up to the expectations I’ve created in my mind.

      Let’s hope it meets and exceeds them! 😉

  3. Sue Nash says:

    Really looking forward to reading more of your adventures although I’ll miss you guys. 🙂 xoxo

  4. Chris and Sarah, I’m so excited for you! It’s great that you were able to use your change in work circumstances totally to your advantage. Congrats! Your itinerary so far sounds fascinating – particularly Iran. I just read an interesting series of 3 posts by an American man who was recently in Iran. You may find it insightful. So 2 months to go … the waiting is the hardest part. 🙂 Terri

  5. I am super excited for you! I hope that I will find myself in your shoes: with no other commitments and ready to see the world!

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