A Day on the Green, a day on the Wine…

What looked a gloomy Saturday, 22nd of March found us again heading up into Melbourne’s Yarra Valley ranges (no cheese from the Yarra Valley Dairy this time) to sign off on our Summer/Autumn festival season.

Our destination? Rochford Winery for another of their “Day on the Green” features.

For those unfamiliar with the “Day on the Green” concept, it was launched back in 2001 as a one off concert/picnic affair, and has over the subsequent years snowballed into a series of shows, at many venues, all around the country (and even a few in New Zealand).

This particular days events would feature Australian music legends, Hunters & Collectors, veterans You Am I, and additional support from Something For Kate, and British India.

Under dull skies...

Under dull skies we’ll share a wine

So whilst the skies were grey, there was at least thankfully no rain, so what could we do to try and keep the cold at bay?

Why indulge in a little red wine of course!

When the sun sets, the lights take over...

When the sun sets, the lights take over…

Whilst picnics are allowed, it is definitely frowned upon when alcohol is brought in from outside the venue.

This however wasn’t enough to prevent one of our friends from smuggling a layer of drinks in the bottom of his bag. If the effort it took him to lift that bag wasn’t the giveaway, I have little doubt the game was up when he was asked to lift it onto a table for inspection… and said table collapsed!

Still, the security guard in question took it all in her stride, and was content enough to simply confiscate the contraband, whilst the whole affair provided us with some amusement.

Hunters & Collectors light up the night

Hunters & Collectors light up the night

Perhaps it is a sign of our age, but despite the fun we had, we were back at our friends place (we were staying in nearby Healesville), warming ourselves with the aid of a hot cup of tea before midnight (in our defence, we didn’t leave before the music was finished), and most certainly ready for bed!

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