“Is there a Doctor on board?”

Another Sydney commute...

Another Sydney commute…

“Is there a Doctor on board?”

They’re the sort of words usually reserved for the television realm. Yet this morning, as they rung over the in flight broadcast, it became a very real experience for us,  changing our run of the mill Melbourne-Sydney commute, into something very different!

It certainly captured the attention of all on board, as heads turned every which way to see if anybody would stand up (I for some reason had visions of a man sauntering down from Business Class with a Stethoscope around his neck).

When a minute or so later a gentleman sauntered down the aisle, it almost seemed too scripted… until it became apparent he was only wishing to use the toilet.

Unfortunately, there was no doctor to be found, so it was up to the Virgin Australia crew to attend as best they could (the staff did an exceptional job under the circumstances).

An older gentleman appeared to be vomiting and was possibly in and out of consciousness, but thankfully it didn’t appear to be more dire than that!

Immediately upon landing, we were met by medical staff (as well, for some unknown reason, aviation firefighters) who quickly attended to the man.

The end of the drama as medical assistance arrives

The end of the drama as medical assistance arrives

To the crew and passengers (many of whom were forced to wait after landing despite having some tight connections), again I give my commendations, as everybody remained patient and calm until the situation was resolved.

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8 Responses to “Is there a Doctor on board?”

  1. Yes, you just never know when medical assistance will be req’d. I have great respect for flight attendants as they are much more than servers. They also need to be enforcers, and medical assistants whenever the need may arise. Be nice to them!

  2. Wow! Scary words to hear!

    • Chris says:

      It sure was!

      Sarah and I were very late checking in and as such were not sitting together. She’d been feeling poorly when we got on board and for a moment I was worried it was for her!!

  3. Joella J says:

    Oh wow- not something you want or actually expect to hear. I’m glad everything seemed to be ok though and well done to the crew!

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