“Once While Travelling: The Lonely Planet Story” – A Book Review

“Once While Travelling: The Lonely Planet Story” – Tony & Maureen Wheeler

Penguin/Viking, 2005

Once While Travelling

Under the Covers…

I read this whilst on my first trip abroad and it really helped fuel my wanderlust (the enjoyment I gleaned from this book is a possible reason for my loyalty to the Lonely Planet brand).

The book itself is almost two parts. Part one, a travel diary chronicling their early grand adventures.

Part two tells the tale of the trials and tribulations as they began their journey as founders (and funders) of the Lonely Planet.

What I liked and what I didn’t…

Perhaps I look at this book with rose coloured glasses, but there’s not much that I dislike, and much that I cherish in this book (having now re-read 2 additional times, I like to think my opinion is an educated one).

As the book delves deeper into the heart of the Lonely Planet business, I guess the depth with which their travels are discussed lessens, with the narrative focused more on the economic side of things, but this for me is a very minor complaint.

Maureen Wheeler’s voice could perhaps be heard more, but very early in the piece they make a conscious decision to tell their tale with one key voice, so as not to confuse the reader with differing voices or styles.

Should you give this a read..?

It is no surprise given my earlier thoughts on this book, that I would recommend it to anybody! The books blurb sums it up as “a unique mix of autobiography, corporate history and travel book”, which obviously adds to its broad reach.

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