A Vivid view of Sydney

Welcome to 'Vivid Sydney'

Welcome to ‘Vivid Sydney’

What is ‘Vivid Sydney’?

Well, from the 23rd of May 2014, up until the 9th of June, the evenings of Sydney were given illumination.

This was a visual, light spectacular, not dissimilar to Melbourne’s ‘White Night’, but perhaps Sydney has learned from the lessons of Melbourne, and spread this event over many nights (‘White Night’ to date has only been held over a single, whole night, and in 2014 suffered from its own popularity with massive crowd congestion).

Now with our final weeks of work taking Sarah and myself to the harbour city, it also gave us a chance to indulge in this festival of light (in the night) although we did still manage to leave it until the last possible night!

Fireworks signal the beginning of the night

Fireworks signal the beginning of the night

The Opera House' famous sails in bloom

The Opera House’ famous sails in bloom

Honeycombed blue igloo

Honeycombed blue igloo

Not the treehouse of childhood dreams...

Not the treehouse of childhood dreams…

A new look Museum of Contemporary Art

A new look Museum of Contemporary Art

The night was abuzz

The night was abuzz

Lilypads in incandescent blue

Lilypads in incandescent blue

Bringing concrete into bloom...

Bringing concrete into bloom…

I hope you enjoyed the show!

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5 Responses to A Vivid view of Sydney

  1. traciehowe says:

    Looks like fun! Glad they stretch it out over several days. Nothing keeps me from checking out a cool event like a huge crowd!

  2. Brad Frankel says:

    looks awesome – i love the tree they’ve painted onto the concrete – be fun if more buildings had that permanently as opposed to a concrete jungle.

  3. rachelhell says:

    Beautiful! Wish I could be there!

  4. Susan Aksu says:

    That looks so awesome! I want to stand on the lilypads !

  5. Duke Stewart says:

    Great photos! Vivid Sydney looks like a blast! I love the things cities do with lights and how they can make them an evening out. Thanks for sharing!

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