San Francisco Highlights

As you may have already read, some of our bigger endeavors have been deemed worthy of their own posts.

In the 5 days we managed to spend in San Francisco, there were several other, perhaps smaller highlights.

Here are a few in no particular order…

The Baseball

It is somewhat uncommon for people from Melbourne to have grown up with this game, but oddly enough, both myself and Sarah grew up with our respective fathers having played it (it’s likely they did, but we’ve never confirmed of they ever played against each other).

As such, one of our big ‘must do’ items was get to a baseball game, and being unsure of when we’ll be on the east coast (and if it would indeed be in season), we jumped at the chance to grab some tickets to a Giants game at AT&T Park.

So on the afternoon of Sunday July 29th, we were off to the ballgame for the first time (up against those Reds from Cincinnati).

AT&T Park, home of The Giants and wonderfully perched right on the bay

AT&T Park, home of The Giants and wonderfully perched right on the bay

As you can see it is a beautiful spot, right on the bay that on this scorcher of a day, provided us with some welcome relief (although by all accounts, this weather at the game is rare, so usually it helps keep people frigid!)

Unfortunately the home team went down on the day, but it was fun for us nonetheless .

The biggest surprise? Most of the crowd didn’t turn up until the 4th or 5th inning.

What wasn’t a surprise? The hot dog was terrible! (although I’d foolishly hoped that it wouldn’t be)

Responsibly keeping my fluids up in the heat...

Responsibly keeping my fluids up in the heat…

The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

Ok, so I’d never even heard of ‘Grilled Cheese’ before (back home we’d call it a toasted sandwich), but this place which we only tried after our first destination was full, was a delightful surprise!

My 'Mac n Cheese' selection... tasty indeed!

My ‘Mac n Cheese’ selection… tasty indeed!

Sure they’re not likely to win any health award, but it was delicious washed down with a nice cold beer and the addition of the apple was quite cute…

Sarah opted for a Mushroom Gruyere number, but I think it was unanimous that my Mac n Cheese was the winner on the day!

Check them out if you hit San Francisco, or online here

The funky interior and the artery clogging menu...

The funky interior and the artery clogging menu…

Pride March

It was pure coincidence that we were in San Francisco for what was to be the 44th Annual San Francisco Gay Pride Parade.

San Francisco Pride!

San Francisco Pride!

Now I’ve had the pleasure to have many wonderful Gay and Lesbian friends, so to be able to witness this in what is widely regarded as the first city to offer acceptance to these very normal people, felt a bit of a privilege.

It was emotional at times, but the biggest surprise for us was that it wasn’t as flamboyant as we would have expected…

Perhaps with the visual extravaganza we see broadcast from the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, this seemed a bit tame (admittedly, this San Francisco march was in a much more family friendly timeslot…)

Some colour was present on the day

Some colour was present on the day


This was another random that we stumbled upon.

I’d been googling places in San Francisco to watch the World Cup (Football that is to most of the world, Soccer to some of you) and had located an Irish bar on Haight Street to get to for the Belgium vs USA match.

As you would expect, the place had a queue (which we detest), so it was across the road to this little place Toronado which was a chance, but inspired option.

Whilst the crowd included many American ring-ins not all that familiar with the sport (still, I can’t fault their blind patriotism), it was a really cool venue with an extensive beer list (about 50 on tap in this tiny venue which apparently was voted one of the best in the country back in 2005).

That bar Toronado with its extensive beer selection!

That bar Toronado with its extensive beer selection!

Our drop of choice during the game was a Czech Pilsiner, appropriately named ‘Reality Czeck’.

Now if good beers aren’t enough for you, this joint is situated right next door to Rosamunde Sausage Grill, a gourmet sausage joint that allowed us to take their fine fare nextdoor into the bar to enjoy with our cold beers!

The remnants of some of the fine fare from Rosamunde...

The remnants of some of the fine fare from Rosamunde…

An added laugh to the experience, came in the form of a homeless gentleman, who thought he’d try this inebriated and raucous crowd for a bit of spare change.

We politely declined his request, and then noticed him reaching for my beer (which remained in my hand) and attempting to take a swig (which I’m not sure he necessarily required by that stage)!

Another patron at that point politely opened up the main door, and showed him on his way. I certainly had to admire his gall…

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