Our Monthly Wrap #2: 27 July 2014 – 26 August 2014


Our 2nd month has flown by, we’ve seen some more incredible sights, eaten more wonderful food, and more importantly, met some great new friends!

Posing for a picture on Carlos' special perch

Day two of our second month at the stunning Puente de Dios

Countries Visited:                           1             (Mexico)

Only the one this month, which may seem odd.

When we first began planning this trip, we had visions of maybe a couple of months in this vast country. We’re now into our 8th week here, and only just hit the capital city (so essentially half way). Looks like it’s going to be at least 3 months here!

Cheapest Bed:                                 Hotel Real Morelos, San Blas, Mexico 200 pesos ($16.35AU)

Technically, this isn’t correct. Our cheapest bed was actually in Guanajuato at the ‘Casa Pipila’ where we stayed for free (that’s correct, our week there cost us nothing) in exchange for us working there as part of the Workaway program

Most Expensive Bed:                     Blue Bicycle House, Querataro, Mexico 350 pesos ($29.17AU)

This hostel looked nice, but was pretty pricey by our standards, and the ‘Free’ breakfast was laughable… (a tiny biscuit and even smaller piece of fruit)

Highlight:                                          Puente de Dios, Tamasopo, Mexico

This was a close thing, as the pyramids of Teotihuacan were amazing, however for a bit of the surprise factor and that it was natural beauty, this place gets over the line!

The incredible pool at Puente de Dios

The raw, natural beauty of Puente de Dios

Lowlight:                                           Not getting to La Quemada near Zacatecas

This was a shame, but with a few ruins under the belt now and plenty to come, it’s not the end of the world!

Favourite New Food:                     Helados Elote, Chapala, (Mexico)

Sarah and I both love corn, so when we first sighted this, there were fears for what we may receive. Helados is Ice cream, whilst Elote is corn, or more specifically corn kernals. Thankfully it was delicious!

An honourable mention must go to the Papas we’ve bought from the street on many occasions. This savoury treat is basically potato crisps, with a squeeze of lime and drizzled in chilli sauce!

Curiosity sated: Our Elote Ice cream

A new taste sensation this month, Elote Helados

Best Beer:                                         Leon (Mexico)

We’ve probably drunk more Pacifico and Indio this month, but as a flavoursome beer, and for the fact that this was new this month, it is our winner (just ahead of a microbrew called Queretero)

Most impressive Church:              Temple of Saint Rose of Viterbo, Querataro (Mexico)

The Temple of Saint Rose of Viterbo

The Temple of Saint Rose of Viterbo

There have been the grand, almost imposing cathedrals of Mexico City & Guadalajara, whilst the almost Hindi church in Morelia was pretty cool, however this surprise that we stumbled on during an evening wander in Queretero steals their thunder!

Bucket List Items:                           0

New Bucket List Items:                  1

Highest Elevation:                          2240m Mexico City, Mexico

No lofty heights this month, but except for the few days on the coast, most of our time has been over 1500m

Days in thongs (flip flops):           31

UNESCO Sites:                                 7 (Querataro, Guanajuato, Hospicio Cabanas Guadalajara, Agave Fields of Tequila, Historic Centre of Morelia, Historic Centre of Mexico City, Teotihuacan)

Teotihuacan: An incredible site indeed!

Teotihuacan: An incredible site indeed!

Number of towns:                          14

With 8 days in both Guanajuato and Mexico City, it meant we didn’t reach as many as last month, a legacy of us not being on the move as much!

Number of beds:                            11

Nights in transit:                             1 (1 bus)

Only the one, but it wasn’t the most enjoyable of trips (as you can read soon) as we went from Puerto Vallarta to Zihuatanejo by bus. A birthday to remember…


  • Update on the VW Beetle: Not just Zacatecas, but all of Mexico is home of the Beetle… (Mexico, for 5 years was the only country in the world still manufacturing the car, only ceasing in 2003)
  • Mexico’s 500 peso note really should be taken out of circulation. They are dispensed often from ATM’s (where you cannot choose your denominations), yet 80% of businesses are unable to change/accept them!
  • On the Mexico City metro system, urchins can sell you anything! Toothbrushes, earphones, CD’s, pens and softdrinks are just a few examples.
  • Mexico’s metro moves over 4.1 million people every day, yet for a metropolitan area with a population of over 20 million, it’s roads are not too congested! (Australia’s capital city rail networks could learn from them)
  • Similar to businesses in Vietnam, there seem to be whole streets, especially in the cities, devoted to the one sort of business, be it LED lighting or tailors!
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2 Responses to Our Monthly Wrap #2: 27 July 2014 – 26 August 2014

  1. Joella J says:

    Only one country? How odd! Just kidding! Glad you guys are having a great time and great idea to keep a monthly roundup!

    • Chris says:

      LOL, it certainly felt a bit odd!

      But I think it will end up being one of the great months of the trip (so few other travellers to contend with).

      Starting to get right back onto the tourist trail…

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