Our Monthly Wrap #4: 27 September 2014 – 26 October 2014

Okay, so that’s four months down, or if you want to break it down another way, 123 days since we left Australia!

It also marks the first time since our first month on the road, that we’ve spent some time in a country other than Mexico…

Hanging out at the ruins of Tulum to kick off another month of adventures!

Hanging out at the ruins of Tulum to kick off another month of adventures (and farewell Mexico)!

Countries Visited:                           3             (Mexico, Belize & Guatemala)

Finally departing Mexico (where we spent the first 3 days of the month), this month saw 8 days in Belize, which we feel we may have rushed a little, before the remainder was spent (primarily at elevation) in Guatemala.

Cheapest Bed:                                 Hotel Pinocchio, San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala, $80.00 Quetzales ($11.94AU)

It may have been the cheapest bed we paid for the month, but we still felt a little dudded when we learned that others had paid only $35.00 Q per person for a double room with private bathroom!

Most Expensive Bed:                     J & R Guesthouse, San Ignacio, Belize, $45.00 BZ $ ($26.06AU)

This one came recommended by a couple of travelling friends who were on a tight budget! We were again a little disappointed when we later found in town a double room for only $30 BZ per night…

Still, it all pales in comparison to San Francisco prices!

Highlight:                                          Completing our PADI Open Water diving certification

What’s not to like about this one? Throw in the fact that even through our course we saw some amazing things in the world’s second largest barrier reef and it was a great highlight!

Sarah surfacing after our 5th and final practical dive

Having a great time beneath the waves

Lowlight:                                           Missing out on the ruins of Calakmul and Caracol

Try as we might, sadly we didn’t get to either of these impressive looking ruins.

Caracol was taken out of our hands as the ruins were closed indefinitely after the tragic shooting of a Tourist Police officer.

Favourite New Food:                     Fran’s Jerk Chicken, Caye Caulker, Belize

The grill’s fired up as Fran looks on. As they say, it’s ‘Fran-tastic!’

The grill’s fired up as Fran looks on. As they say, it’s ‘Fran-tastic!’

Okay, so the food here was delicious, and what’s not to like about a streetside grill that offers flavours of the Caribbean such as her divine Jerk Chicken, or more localised treats such as garlic buttered Lobster and Shrimp.

But to top it all off, Fran serves her wonderful, possibly artery clogging fare with mashed potatoes and some of the most moreish garlic bread you will ever try!

Best Beer:                                         Brahva, Guatemala

After weeks of beer lacking in flavour, Belize and Guatemala has thrown up a good list of candidates this month!

This one after some research appears to actually be Brazilian, so we’re guessing it’s brewed here under license!

Most impressive Church:              Antigua Cathedral (Ruins), Antigua, Guatemala

Given our flippancy when it comes to taking religion seriously, it is perhaps fitting that this months most impressive church is one that lies in ruins…

The once grand, earthquake devastated cathedral

The once grand, earthquake devastated cathedral

Bucket List Items:                           The Mayan ruins of Mexico, Guatemala & Belize

With Tikal completed, I think we can feel comfortable in saying we’ve ticked this one off the list! It was just disappointing for us (as already mentioned) that we couldn’t get to Caracol.

New Bucket List Items:                  Visit the ruins of Calakmul

Highest Elevation:                          2350m Volcan Pacaya, Guatemala

Our first volcano visit of the trip, but surely not our last in this incredibly active part of the world.

A full post on this great little day trip should appear soon.

Days in thongs (flip flops):           25

A misleading statistic this month, as the 5 days we were not in flip flops was in fact because we were barefoot!

There was sadly one day in San Pedro when a cool morning at school saw us both in shoes for the whole day…

UNESCO Sites:                                 3 (Belize Barrier Reef, Tikal, Antigua Guatemala)

As expected, a drastic dip in these after leaving the incredibly populated Mexico!

All three of these were pretty nice spots, however the natural wonder of Belize probably tops the list this month.

Number of towns:                          11

Number of beds:                            10

Nights in transit:                             0


  • Unlike Mexico where there are urchins strung throughout nearly every ruin site, Tikal, Guatemala had only one!
  • Just to confuse things even further, despite Guatemala and Mexico sharing the same language, all of a sudden some words (such as Banana which is Platano in Mexico and Banano in Guatemala) are different!
  • Despite being closer to the equator than at any other time on our trip, the elevation in Guatemala finally saw us use our Goose down jackets!
  • Whilst we don’t embrace religion, we certainly can’t accuse the Evangelists of being dour, given their ritual like daily song, which we’ve heard echo constantly around San Pedro each and every evening!
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3 Responses to Our Monthly Wrap #4: 27 September 2014 – 26 October 2014

  1. New beard! 🙂 Lovely photos! I especially like the top one of the two of you! And with the pricing and locations in this recent entry, I am tempted to visit these places myself!

  2. LaVagabonde says:

    Now that’s an eventful month. Those cathedral ruins are awesome.

  3. Joella J says:

    I love that the 5 days you weren’t in flip flops were because you were barefoot! It’s getting colder here now and I’m missing flip flops already! Also- the Open Water is definitely an awesome highlight. Mine might even be the highlight of the year for me! 🙂

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