Our Monthly Wrap #6: 27 November 2014 – 26 December 2014

Merry Xmas, happy Boxing Day and all that (I hope it has been a great days Test Cricket back home at least).

Wow! Another month falls, half a year of travel is behind us and we’re on the cusp of a new year…

…and we’ve just clicked over 6 months on the road!

Indulgence in Cuba with Sarah's mother, Julie!

At the start of month number 6… Indulgences in Cuba with Sarah’s mum Julie!

Countries Visited:                           4             (Cuba, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua)

The start of this month sees an order reversal on the back end of the previous month as we concluded our Cuban sideshow, flew back to Central America (through El Salvador) and skipped our way back into Honduras to hit the Bay Islands.

Cheapest Bed:                                 Hotel Princess, San Salvador, El Salvador, Casa Familiar, Moyogalpa, Nicaragua & Bearded Monkey Hostel, Granada, Nicaragua $10.00 US ($12.33AU)

A bit of a jumbled tie for this one this month, but given that Bearded Monkey was only a dorm and Hotel Princess was $12.00 US if we’d checked in before 4pm, our last bed for the month wins the gong!

Most Expensive Bed:                     Colonial Habana, Havana, Cuba $35.00 CUC ($42.68AU)

Our most expensive pad in Cuba was also our last.

At least it was split three ways…

Highlight:                                          Treehouse Poste Rojo

When you can shamelessly indulge in childhood dreams as an adult, what’s not to love?

At home amongst the branches...

At home amongst the branches…

Lowlight:                                           Two freezing cold days at D&D Brewery meant we didn’t really indulge in too many of their fine beverages (they really could do with an indoor lounge area)!

Favourite New Food:                     French Toast with shredded Coconut & Maple Syrup, Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

How can you turn your nose up at such Caribbean inspired fare? Took our hearts and minds back to Caye Caulker…

Tasting so much better than it looks!

Tasting so much better than it looks!

Best Beer:                                         Tona, Nicaragua

Despite sampling several brews at a micro-brewery in the heart of the Honduran jungle, this Nicaraguan staple takes the cake.

Most impressive Church:              Capilla Maria Auxiladora, Granada, Nicaragua

A few candidates again this month, but this quiet gem presented a most stunning ceiling!

Immaculate, and no other tourists in sight!

Immaculate, and no other tourists in sight!

Bucket List Items:                           0

New Bucket List Items:                  0

Highest Elevation:                          850m (approximately) Sierra Maestra’s, Cuba

Days in thongs (flip flops):           29

We expected to deliver a full month of flip flop joy. Little did we reckon with the cold at Los Naranjos when we were at the D&D Brewery (not only were we in socks and shoes all day, but I also had my goose down coat and a beanie on)!

UNESCO Sites:                                 3 (Santiago de Cuba, Old Havana (redux), Leon Cathedral)

A much thinner month, but we’ve had a few bumper months of late in an event…

Santiago de Cuba. The faded, former Cuban capital

Santiago de Cuba. The faded, former Cuban capital

Number of towns:                          18

Number of beds:                            17

Nights in transit:                             1 (1 Bus)

Our long journey back across essentially the length of Cuba (from Santiago de Cuba to Havana) was certainly an experience!


  • Following on from last month, our entire time in Cuba saw us spot no construction of ANY (that’s correct, not a single one) new buildings…
  • After 5 months and 3 days, I had my beard shaved for the first time (by a Cuban barber).
  • Despite there being no motor vehicles on the island (4 wheel or 2 wheel), the narrow concrete paths that snake around parts of Little Corn Island do still however have speed bumps…

6 Months by some numbers…

  • 38,067: Roughly the number of kilometres (about 23,644 miles) we’ve travelled to date, not including walking. That’s about 2,000km shy of the circumference of the earth at the Equator!
  • 4: The number of times Chris has smashed his big toes (2 times on each foot), smashing the nail and making a bloody mess!
  • 30: Number of UNESCO World Heritage sights we’ve visited on this trip alone!
  • 6: Total flights taken to date. Melbourne-Sydney, Sydney-San Francisco, San Salvador-Havana (return) and Managua-Great Corn Island (return)
  • 184: Total days since we left our home and lives in Melbourne!
  • 1: Birthdays celebrated on this trip… Chris in August
  • 4: Trivia nights attended
  • 9: Overnight journeys thus far. 8 often frigid buses and one ferry where we camped on the floor of the bar…
  • 1: The number occasions we’ve gotten sick from food on the trip. Although it ruined both of us for our afternoon in Papantla and the next day in Veracruz, we’re pretty happy that it was only once!
  • 8: Total number of countries visited in 6 months… doesn’t really seem like a lot given the time and distance we’ve already amassed!
  • 1: Number of times Chris has shaved on the trip… after 5 and a half months!
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4 Responses to Our Monthly Wrap #6: 27 November 2014 – 26 December 2014

  1. Nate says:

    Hey Chris and Julie, looks like you’re having the time of your lives. Came here after checking out the comment link that Chris left on my blog. I have a HUGE desire to see central America, so I’m just a little bit jealous! Didn’t realise you were fellow Aussies as well….we get around, don’t we 😉

    • Chris says:

      Cheers Nate, we sure do (although it’s Chris & Sarah).

      Amazing place, but I’d make Cuba a priority if you haven’t already before McDonalds, Subway, et al get their teeth in there!

  2. LaVagabonde says:

    Another fabulous month! That French toast sounds out of this world. It’s good that you got to see Cuba now. I’ve heard that the US is re establishing diplomatic relations. I hope that Starbuck’s and McDonald’s isn’t far behind! Wishing you both a 2015 full of adventure. 🌎–Julie

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