A day from a week in Suchitoto

Day: 146

Total distance travelled: 31,319.5 kilometres (19,453.1 miles)

With our plans to visit the lake abandoned, we were a little unsure of how to spend our second last full day in El Salvador (our last would be back in or at least around San Salvador, but we didn’t feel we’d need two more days there).

The girls (our English friends Nicky and Lizzie) were off to Suchitoto, a place we’d earlier dismissed as it didn’t sound really our cup of tea (it is apparently a big artists enclave, which we never feel we fully appreciate), but with no better alternative in mind, we decided we’d head along as well.

We resolved to travel via San Salvador, as the connecting buses directly across from Santa Ana departed later and didn’t sound as though they were as regular (so one missed connection could see a lengthy delay), figuring we’d travel with the girls in the morning.

As it actually played out, we left early and they didn’t actually rise from their slumber until we were likely already changing buses down in San Salvador!

A small feed of sweet pineapple on the last leg (purchased from a local urchin) was enough to tide us over until we got to what was a pretty hot, and at least initially pretty sleepy Suchitoto.

The hot and sleepy streets of Suchitoto

The hot and sleepy streets of Suchitoto

After some initial difficulties getting our orientation from the quiet main plaza, we eventually found a street with one of the suggested budget accommodation options, secured a room and went about exploring this town of artists with one mind on lunch.

Similar to when we were in Mexico’s north, the heat must have had an affect however on our appetite, as after a couple of cooling ice-creams, we felt content, so laboured our way through a couple of the local galleries (which really all felt fairly repetitive).

Many others remained closed throughout our whole time there, and our guidebooks suggestion that really the weekend is truly the time one should visit seemed to hold true in our limited experience.

Eventually we settled on a quick shop at the local market for a selection of vegetables which would become dinner (our hotel had a small, but functional kitchen) and a couple of cold beers, and retired to our room for the afternoon

About as busy as our time got…

About as busy as our time got…

We managed to meet up with the girls in the evening, although the heat and the air of the town which left all of us feeling a bit like we couldn’t be bothered with much, saw our last hurrah fizzle a little over some stale cake and a cold (at least I assume the girls drinks were cold) lemonade.

Apparently with a little more time, it is a good base for trekking to falls and visiting the nearby lake, but for us Suchitoto was really little more than somewhere different, a place to while away an afternoon…



* Our bus from Santa Ana to San Salvador cost $1.25 US per person and took about 2 hours.

* To get to Suchitoto required us to change bus terminals from Occidente to Oriente ($0.20 US per person on bus 7C) where we caught bus 129 to Suchitoto for $0.70 US per person.

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