Our Monthly Wrap #10: 27 March 2015 – 26 April 2015

Our 10th month, & one that feels like it’s flown by!

Some incredible highlights, many of which will likely feature as some as the best of the trip!

At the base of the Catarata Gocta at the start of the month, a single drop of water more than half a kilometre above...

At the base of the Catarata Gocta at the start of the month, a single drop of water more than half a kilometre above…

Countries Visited:                           1             (Peru)

For the 1st time since back in Mexico, this has proven to be a 1 country month.

There’s simply so many amazing places & things to see & do, it will see us spend part of 3 different months here!

Cheapest Bed(s):                            Hostal Plaza, Cajamarca, Peru $35.00 Soles ($14.92AU)

Most Expensive Bed(s):                1900 Backpackers Hostel, Lima, Peru $20.00 US ($25.42AU)

Highlight:                                          Machu Picchu


When you knock the world’s 15th highest waterfall off the list… or you trump a flight over the incredible Nasca Lines… or outshine the truly beautiful Pastoruri Glacier, you know it must be something pretty special.

This, despite all the hype (& in Sarah’s case being a 2nd visit), did just that.

I present to you, Machu Picchu!

The incredible, Machu Picchu

The incredible, Machu Picchu

Lowlight:                                           Semana Santa

Experiencing Semana Santa (Easter) in a ridiculously religious country, especially a Latin American country was always something we thought would leave us with lasting memories…

Sadly, we were wrong.

It wasn’t bad, but after a week of marching processions, some as early as 5am (yes, I’m talking military brass band & all), come the weekend, it was just a fizzer!

Favourite New Food:                     Sanduche de Pollo

Okay… I can read your thoughts now.

They’ve possibly gone crazy, or the food in Peru has simply been shit!

Not so.

This was one tip our Lonely Planet finally got right where they stated “You will salivate at the thought of your sandwich experience… for years to come.”

It was the closest thing we’ve devoured to a Banh Mi since Vietnam, with a deliciously spicy kick, wonderful bread & great crunch from a celery & onion salsa.

More than just a chicken sandwich...

More than just a chicken sandwich…

To enjoy this pocket of deliciousness, you need to get yourself down Trujillo’s Jugeria San Augustin & trust the crowd!

Best Beer:                                         Cusquena, Dorada

The name suggests gold, so perhaps it was fitting that this solid Peruvian entrant snuck home ahead of a handful of craft beers this month!

Most impressive Church:             Iglesia de Belen, Cajamarca, Peru

Simply one of the most impressive domes we have ever seen.

The only catch?

Well despite paying an entrance fee, no photography is allowed, so I’ve had to borrow this image from the internet!

The Iglesia de Belen (Image courtesy of www.fotocommunity.es)

The Iglesia de Belen (Image courtesy of http://www.fotocommunity.es)

Bucket List Items:                           1             Machu Picchu

Nothing more really needs to be said here…

New Bucket List Items:                  0

Highest Elevation:                          5,000m                Pastoruri Glacier, Peru

Traveling from sea level to 5,000 metres in 1 day.

In hindsight, pretty stupid, but at the time, with view like this, it left us breathless (both figuratively & literally).

The headaches that came a little later… not so fun!

Leaving us breathless... Pastoruri Glacier

Leaving us breathless… Pastoruri Glacier

Days in thongs (flip flops):           7

Finally, the cold (usually due to the altitude) has seen us don our shoes more than our flip flops!

Such a shame…

UNESCO Sites:                                 9             (Chan Chan Archaeological Zone, Huascaran National Park, Chavin, Centro Historico Lima, Lines & Geoglyphs of Nasca, City of Cusco, Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, Qhapaq Nan, Historical Centre of Arequipa)

Possibly a new record has been set this month for UNESCO World Heritage sites visited!

Obviously Machu Picchu was the jewel in the crown, but so many other amazing places as well!

The incredible Nazca Lines

The incredible Nasca Lines

Number of towns:                          18

Number of beds:                            15

Nights in transit:                             4             (4 buses)


  • This month started with a verbal stoush between a bus driver and a passenger here in Peru. She was chastising the driver for not waiting long enough for her to get off the vehicle, then for the fact that she’d now have to walk an extra 10 metres. The bus had sat at the stop for over 5 minutes…
  • In Chachapoyas we sampled an ice-cream flavour we’d not seen anywhere else before, Cerveza (Beer). It was certainly different, but didn’t end up tasting too bad!
  • Even if you’re the first customer of the day, most ticket vendors will already not have change for larger notes (in Peru).
  • …following on from that, Peru’s ATM’s should be banned from issuing $100.00 Sole notes, as most vendors will never have change (bus stations & larger supermarkets are your best bets)
  • Peru does however possess the best bread we’ve had on the trip!
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One Response to Our Monthly Wrap #10: 27 March 2015 – 26 April 2015

  1. Joella J says:

    Only 7 days in flip flops? Not acceptable! Haha just kidding- the glacier looks amazing! Take care with that altitude sickness though.

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