Our Monthly Wrap #13: 27 June 2015 – 26 July 2015

Wow, a month that has felt like we’ve gone from one end of the earth (well, we almost have from south to north), to the other, covering roughly 18,000 kilometres in the process!

For the first time since leaving home, we also conclude our month in a non-Spanish speaking country!

Getting our meat on (or in) in Montevideo as we kicked off the month

Getting our meat on (or in) in Montevideo as we kicked off the month

Countries Visited:                           3 (Argentina, Uruguay, Canada)

Three countries this month, two of which wrapped up our year in the Latin Americas.

Three countries this month, none of which we had any intention of visiting when we left home on the 27th of June, 2014.

How things change!

Cheapest Bed(s):                            Hostal de la Viuda, Punta del Diablo, Uruguay $620.00 Pesos ($30.24AU)

Okay, so not technically the cheapest given we spent roughly two thirds of this month being fed and in beds thanks to the generosity of others for FREE!

Still, it was the cheapest place we paid for…

Most Expensive Bed(s):                Hostal Dolce Vita, Montevideo, Uruguay $770.00 Pesos ($37.72AU)

We only had 3 hostels to choose from this month, all from during our 6 nights in Uruguay. These beds in the capital just happened to be the most expensive…

Highlight:                                          The generosity of new friends

13 months ago when we left Australia, we definitely didn’t have any friends in Argentina.

Despite the annual Australian pilgrimage to Canada, I struggle to think of any friends we may have already had there as well.

So when out of the 30 days that made up this latest month of travel, 18 were spent being hosted by friends (that not so long ago we didn’t know), it’s pretty amazing!

Farewell to Argentina and farewell to Nacho and Carolina!

Farewell to Argentina and farewell to Nacho and Carolina!

Our final week in Argentina saw us find a home with Ignacio (Nacho) and Carolina, where we were fed, invited into their families and shown around Buenos Aires by this ridiculously friendly couple (they even insisted we sleep in their bed, whilst they spent the week on mattresses on their living room floor).

But fortune has favoured us with not just these two amazing people, but two more!

Our wonderful time in the Galapagos Islands back in February allowed us to meet Cyd (Cynthia) and Dave, a Canadian couple from the remote northern lands that are the Yukon.

Again we’ve been offered shelter, food, use of vehicles for distant expeditions…

What an amazing world this is, full of generous people like this.

Enjoying the 'True North' with Cyd and Dave (as well as Ripley and Gulliver)

Enjoying the ‘True North‘ with Cyd and Dave (as well as Ripley and Gulliver)

Lowlight:                                           Watching a Penguin get mauled by a dog on a Uruguayan beach

We had hopes of spotting some Magellanic Penguins on our walks along the Uruguayan coast, despite it not really being the perfect time of year.

Luck however was with us, after sadly finding several dead examples on the shore, we spotted on in the distance… alone on the shore.

That was when a random dog that had followed us out of town made a dash.

The poor Penguin never even saw what hit it… but we did and could only look on in horror.

Even a two day flight delay would not come close to this nightmare!

In fact, it was one of the lowlights of our whole 13 months…

Favourite New Food:                     Poutine

Okay, so we’ve had things similar in the past, after all, what kind of Australian High School days would they have been without hot chips with gravy.

But those French-Canadians (or Canadiens as I’ve been taught they would spell it) got something so very right when they added cheese curds to this, another example of artery clogging goodness!

Poutine gold... well golden fries at least, cheese curds and brown gracy!

Poutine gold… well golden fries at least, cheese curds and brown gravy!

Best Beer:                                         Mill St. Ginger Cat Witbier

Plenty of quality beers to pick from this month, with some delicious offerings from Uruguay and Canada.

Winterlong Spruce Tip Pale Ale was almost over the line, but in the end, we just couldn’t deny the call (and our love) of this ginger flavoured number!

Most impressive Church:              St Pauls Church, Dawson City, Canada

Not a huge selection this month, although we did visit some more classic colonial examples in both Montevideo and Buenos Aires.

That said, there was something charming about this wooden number in the historical Canadian town of Dawson City.

St Pauls Church in the historic goldrush town of Dawson City

St Pauls Church in the historic goldrush town of Dawson City

Bucket List Items:                           0

New Bucket List Items:                  0

Highest Elevation:                          1,000m (approximately)

Most of our time was spent at relatively low elevation, our highest being on a local hike up Grey Mountain, looking over the Yukon city of Whitehorse

Days in thongs (flip flops):           9

Switching hemispheres, even if we were taking ourselves up close to the Arctic Circle, still saw us take ourselves out of Winter and into Summer!

UNESCO Sites:                                 1 (Historic Quarter of the of the city Colonia del Sacramento)

It may have been the sole UNESCO site for the month, but a micro-brewery here did deliver a unique pizza, topped with hot chips (french fries)!

Sounds odd, but it was actually delicious!

Number of towns:                          13

Number of beds:                            7

Nights in transit:                             4 (1 Aeroplane, 3 Buses)


  • It was completely surreal to stand outdoors at midnight whilst in Dawson City (Canada), as all around us it was still broad daylight (it was even still light at 2am).
  • Despite not getting to any league matches in Argentina due to the Copa America which was being held in Chile, the passion of Nacho inspired us to adopt Banfield (Club Atletico Banfield) as our team in Argentina’s Primera Division!
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  1. keeneshort says:

    The generosity of new friends is always the best part of traveling.

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