On the buses: A day in the life…

Days: 323 (14 May 2015)

Total distance travelled: 62,334.46 kilometres (38,717.06 miles)

There are several ways that spring to mind, methods on how to lose a day.

Fly the wrong direction across the International Date Line and there’s a day gone just like that!

A massive booze (or I guess drug) fuelled bender could probably achieve the same…

Or you could just do what we did, and catch a bus from San Pedro de Atacama in the northern reaches of Chile, south to the capital, Santiago de Chile (Santiago for short).

Somewhere in the middle of the day we boarded our bus, our original plan to splurge on full-cama (fully reclining seats) thwarted, as there were none available when we went to book.

So semi-cama it was, and we settled ourselves in for what promised to be one very long ride, in fact our longest single bus journey of the trip.

With a hard drive chock full of TV Shows and Movies courtesy of our Swedish friends from our Salar de Uyuni tour (as well as some time together in San Pedro de Atacama), we’d hoped that this bus might have power points, but it was not to be and this remains something we’ve still not seen since some of the long distance buses back in Mexico.

So with that plan foiled, how did we fill our time?

A probably not so ancient petroglyph viewed from the bus

A probably not so ancient petroglyph viewed from the bus

We did what we’ve done on so many buses already.

Stared out of the window… watched several movies in Spanish (they seem to love crap Adam Sandler movies here, or action movies featuring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson), read our Kindles, and when we got hungry (which was often a symptom of boredom), we ate.

We’d stocked up on more bread rolls, cheese and ham back in San Pedro de Atacama, but what else we munched on, other than some fruit, I don’t honestly remember (probably some crap junk food).

Still managing a smile despite hours on the bus

Still managing a smile despite hours on the bus

The biggest revelation came with the sleeping, the loss of the full cama option proving a blessing in disguise, as I ultimately gave up bothering to try and recline at all, and we ended up having one of the better night’s sleep we’d had on buses to date!

It’s a tactic we’ve repeated since with the same success, so oddly enough we woke, admittedly it’s never going to be the greatest sleep you’ve had, but relatively fresh.

Sure we could have flown, but we saved ourselves a shitload of cash better spent (we felt) on other things.

Given that despite us pulling into our Santiago terminal almost 24 hours later, we hadn’t found it a horrible trip at all, we felt somewhat vindicated (time is after all, something that we have plenty of).

Now all we had to do was stretch our somewhat stiff legs with a walk to our hostel…



* Our bus from San Pedro de Atacama to Santiago de Chile took just shy of 24 hours, with 1 fare costing us $22,000.00 pesos… before the other fare jumped to $24,900.00 for some ridiculous reason (the official word from the vendor was that they only sell a set amount of tickets in each price bracket).

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