Colonia del Sacramento

Days: 371-372 (1 July 2015 – 2 July 2015)

Total distance travelled: 83,944.76 kilometres (52,139.6 miles)

After a bus ride back to the capital, followed by another five hour ride onward from Montevideo, it was late afternoon by the time we’d been deposited at the bus terminal of Colonia del Sacramento.

It was here, in this UNESCO World Heritage listed colonial town, that we’d be spending our final two nights on Uruguayan soil (although admittedly, one of those nights was almost upon us).

A brief walk along what proved to be one cobbled street that ran directly from the bus terminal got us to our hostel, where we checked in and discovered that we were again the only guests in our particular dorm.

By the time we emerged to explore, the sky above was beginning to quickly darken, so we hastened to have a brief wander whilst we could still find our way about.

Night begins its descent upon Colonia del Sacramento

Night begins its descent upon Colonia del Sacramento

Upon entering the old town, the gates and former wall sitting just a few blocks from our hostel, I scrambled up the aforementioned walls and was suddenly gobsmacked.

The just rising moon looked enormous, and surely once it was up to full height the semi dark streets would be amply illuminated!

The Moon in its gargantuan glory (left) & Beautiful twilight views from this beautiful colonial town (right)

The moon in its gargantuan glory (left) & Beautiful twilight views from this beautiful colonial town (right)

If landmarks were required to find ones bearings, then Colonia del Sacramento had a good one in the form of its Faro (lighthouse), helpful even in the dark!

We strolled along the cobbled streets, and took in the beautiful waterfront that skirts the town on three of its four sides, before finding ourselves another beacon in the night.

A micro-brewery!

With a pint each in hand, we settled down to the business of dinner, and what an unusual, yet delicious dinner it proved to be.

Pizza, but not as we (or I guess you) know it!

Our cheese, mushroom and bacon pizza, complete with french fries!

Our cheese, mushroom and bacon pizza, complete with french fries!

As odd as it may look, it incredibly worked!

A couple of different alfajores were purchased to round out the night (although only one was consumed as a late dessert) and in short time we had retired for the night.

Our following morning felt like a bit of running back and forth was involved, although in truth we didn’t have to travel very far at all.

A fraction more distant than the bus terminal sat the ferry terminal, and after assessing our options online (there are three companies that run services between Uruguay and the Argentinean capital, Buenos Aires), we wandered down to check out prices at the terminal itself.

Incredibly (for this part of the world), there was no discount to be found by paying in person and in cash, but in the end we nevertheless sorted ourselves out with the cheapest ferry fare for the following afternoon.

Now it was time to spend our only full day in town!

Once again, we enter the old town...

Once again, we enter the old town…

Cobbled charm

Cobbled charm

Although we’d had a dorm to ourselves, that doesn’t mean that the town was empty, as it seems a large portion of its visitors in fact arrive as day trippers, arriving from across the River Plate aboard ferries from Buenos Aires.

Still, as many of these people arrive and quickly become part of guided day tours, it’s fairly easy to dodge them as they float around in large, oversized groups.

So where they aren’t, the town is lovely, and it is truly a gorgeous little town to wander with its old stone streets, ancient buildings all tied together with the odd splash of floral colour.

Eventually we figured it was time for a feed and there was something about this colonial town that made it scream pasta to us… or maybe it was just the prospect of a glass of vino in the sun!

Quite the garden!

Quite the garden (the whole car was used as a planter box)!

The perfect setting for a little lunchtime splurge!

The perfect setting for a little lunchtime splurge!

Our ultimate selection was a little pricier than is usual for us, but every so often even we need to indulge a little!

Post lunch, little differed to the time preceding it, although admittedly there was no need to return to the ferry terminal, so we just continued our wanderings.

Not quite empty, but peaceful enough...

Not quite empty, but peaceful enough…

Given how beautiful a day it was, we began to seriously consider paying our way into the lighthouse to get a look at the old town from above, and after discovering how cheap the entrance fee actually was, we quickly parted with a few pesos and began our ascent.

The views over the town were lovely, but it was a little surprising that we could in fact even see the distant skyline of Buenos Aires, admittedly not clearly, over the wide mouth of the river.

From up here, one can see all the way to Buenos Aires!

From up here, one can see all the way to Buenos Aires!

Now the nights here, they got cold, as after all, this was the middle of winter.

After our deliciously hearty (and somewhat late afternoon) lunch, we didn’t really plan much for dinner that evening, although when hunger did finally assault me, we got by on a packet of instant soup which we’d kept for emergencies (usually along the lines of arriving somewhere too late to grocery shop, but this counts)!

The following morning found us wake to a cold, at times wet, windy and dull day.

Little incentive to get out and about in this cute little town.

As such, we spent quite a bit of time on the internet, doing a little forward planning for our time back in North America which was fast approaching.

Queue my biggest fuck up of the trip (also my first time using Airbnb), where I managed to book a room in New York city… for the wrong dates!

This was a $2,100.00 mistake, which we were unsure how much, if any we could get refunded for.

Needless to say, the mood was a little testy as we departed Uruguay on that afternoon ferry, bound for Buenos Aires and our final week in South America.



* Our bus from Punta del Diablo to Montevideo cost $493.00 pesos per person.

* Montevideo to Colonia del Sacramento cost an additional $307.00 pesos per person.

* Entrance into the Faro (Lighthouse) in Colondia del Sacramento cost us $20.00 pesos each.

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4 Responses to Colonia del Sacramento

  1. Mar Pages says:

    That photo of the moon and those flower bushes look stunning. Hope you manage to get a refund for your airbnb mistake, yikes.

  2. jadk001 says:

    Such a cute little city … Good to know you can avoid the daytrippers and still enjoy the place, or as you found exploring at night is great! Chips on a pizza is a great idea…I hate when they put in a burger though!

    Did you manage to get back any of your money….That is an absolutely insane amount, NYC is so expensive!

  3. Vyjay Rao says:

    Loved the pictures of the night. Especially the one with the moon and the one of the evening which has captured the colours of the evening so well.

  4. This place looks nice! I’m not sure about that pizza though, I mean, seriously.. with chips on top? 😀 But if you say it worked who am I to judge it! 😀

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