Grey is the new White…

Days: 395-396 (25 July 2016 – 26 July 2015)

Total distance travelled: 100,978.7 kilometres (62,719.66 miles)

The Yukon experience is truly defined by the outdoors, and for many that outdoor experience goes hand in hand with summer.

So it seemed only fit that we get a taste of it, no matter how small that bite might be, whilst up here in this northern part of the world.

Cyd and Dave (our hosts and friends) are ridiculously hardcore hikers/trekkers, so it was only fit that they be our company and guides for a couple of small excursions into the Yukon wilds… or given our lack of experience, the not so wilds!

On a slightly overcast Saturday morning, we shelved plans to go paddling on the grounds that the threat of rain was looming, only to find ourselves a short while later in downtown Whitehorse with the skies clearing!

To remedy the situation, we decided to hit the slopes, and after a quick phone call to their neighbour, we were waiting near the base of Grey Mountain (a peak that looms over the city), ready for a leisurely weekend stroll.

We were soon met by Susan and her dog Coby, and drove the bulk of the remaining distance up the mountain.

Then, under now stunningly blue skies, it was time for our walk.

Living up to its name, welcome to Grey Mountain

Living up to its name, welcome to Grey Mountain

The air had a touch of chillness to it, but after walking several minutes under a now blazing sun, we were all pretty quick in removing our layers.

Our Jack Russell companions in Ripley and Gulliver roamed about, although Gully was kept a little closer to us humans, having only recently recovered from some surgery which meant he was still the owner of several stitches.

The pace also meant we had plenty of time to absorb those views…

Stunning morning views, and equally good company

Stunning morning views, and equally good company

We had a pretty good range of visibility now that we could take in a pretty stunning, panoramic view of our surrounds, something we were certainly happy to do.

Sure, it wasn’t strenuous, but boy was it gorgeous.

And weekends, well they can certainly be about relaxing as well, can’t they?

Posing with the Whitehorse family

Posing with our Whitehorse family

Stunning views in the Yukon summer

Savouring those views in the Yukon summer

Fast forward twenty four hours, and suddenly here we were at another mountain, and ready for a bit more of a serious walk.

I think this one was Caribou Mountain (after all, we were about to ascend the Caribou Trail), however for a long time I mistakenly thought that it was White Mountain, so the name has kind of stuck in my mind.

Perhaps if it had delivered on the Caribou front, then my memory would have been better…

Same folks, different mountain

Same folks, different mountain

Looking back towards Bennett Lake

Looking back towards Bennett Lake

Again, we got to experience the best that nature had to offer.

Wonderful views, lovely fresh air, a little sun… sadly the wind had a bit of bite to it, but when we could find a little shelter from it, things were perfect.

And sure, whilst there were no Caribou to be sighted, we did have plenty of other locals to entertain us!

Some local company. Today it's mountain sheep

Some local company. Today it’s mountain sheep

Unfortunately, Sarah began to struggle with the climb.

It’s not that it’s an overly steep or difficult ascent, but ever since she suffered from a bout of Glandular Fever (also known as the Kissing Disease, or officially as Infectious Mononucleosis) she has had difficulty with most ascents, even gentle climbs (get her on the flat or downhill and she’ll walk all day).

We took a break for lunch, and it wasn’t a bad spot to do so, views like this making us appreciate this region which until recently we knew so little about.

Dave contemplates whether he should share a trail bar with these gluttonous Australians

Dave contemplating whether he should share a trail bar with these gluttonous Australians

Post feed and rest, we continued upwards for a short while, before darker clouds which began a slow descent down from above made us reconsider our desire to travel any further.

It wasn’t a hardcore day out, and I’m sure it was little more than a leisurely stroll to these veteran hikers, but for us, it was still an awesome experience.

Taking it all in before we beat a hasty retreat as the clouds descended (Click on image to enlarge)

Taking it all in before we beat a hasty retreat as the clouds descended (Click on image to enlarge)



* There was no trail fee required for either of these walks through two equally lovely parts of the Yukon.

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9 Responses to Grey is the new White…

  1. Mansi Kamdar says:

    Looks lovely! Sometimes, it’s great to have a bird’s eye view…maybe see the forest rather than trees!

  2. Yukon looks like a great place to hike or trek. I love the stunning views which you have captured. Also, it seems that your dogs had a lovely time too. šŸ˜› . This place just reminded me of my trek to the Great Orme in Llandudno which i took part in just a month ago. Its always great to see the amazing view from the top.

  3. Kevin Wagar says:

    Absolutely beautiful views! I’ve been trying to get to the Yukon and I’d love to get there in the summer when I can get some hiking in!

  4. Vyjay Rao says:

    Those are really amazing trails. The views are really gorgeous. Reading your post, I almost felt the breeze in my hair and the fragrance of fresh earth soothed my nostrils.

  5. Jessica Ayun says:

    Certainly relaxing and mesmerizing views. Your tiredness can easily be forgotten by these views.

  6. Mar Pages says:

    I quite like the idea of a not so strenuous hike over the weekend. Although I’d work hard for those views if I had to! Gorgeous.

  7. Erin says:

    What a beautiful hike! Sometimes a leisurely hike can be just as fulfilling as one that’s more strenuous. That scenery is really unlike any other though – SO beautiful!

  8. Tiana Harris says:

    Love all the greenery and the dogs are TOO cute!

  9. Wow, it really is beautiful! Sounds like a fun day out, worth going outside for! Thanks for sharing.

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