Days: 499 (6 November 2015)

Total distance travelled: 129,522.9 kilometres (80,448.98 miles)

Okay, so it’s not actually the Milton Bradley dice game, but rather how one actually pronounces the name of where we now were, Jajce.

We actually didn’t know all that much about where we were, but when we’d read about a cute little town with a series of waterfalls in its heart, we figured a place like that warranted a look.

It was well into the afternoon before we arrived and before we could even think about roaming about, we needed to find ourselves a bed for the night.

We weren’t flailing blind in this regard, having found a potential place online, a gentle walk with our packs took us alongside a river (the Pliva as we’d later learn), where a large building on the road a little further was our apparent target.

Although appearing to be unattended, an attached bar quickly revealed a woman who was soon able to let us in and find us a room, a nice dorm on the top floor with views over the old town and castle above.

Not surprisingly, we were the only tourists in town, however we later discovered we weren’t actually the only guests.

Turns out a rival football (soccer) team was playing in town, and this was their best option for a bed as well.

Possessing a small kitchen, it meant we could self cater, so with that side of business sorted, we got back out into the sun (it didn’t warm us all that much) eager to check out these falls.

Following the same river, we didn’t have to wander far.


Stunning colours for the only tourists in town (left) & A first look at the cataracts in Jajce (right)


A stunning little gem (left) & All in an afternoons wander (right)

It was a cute little place, yet like Sarajevo you didn’t have to look to far or hard to see the scarring from the Bosnian War.

Fortunately this place had attractions all of its own, and after passing a few smaller cataracts, we got to the point where the Pliva met the Vrbas River in a rather spectacular manner.


The beautiful manner in which the Pliva merges with the Vrbas

At this time of year, the river was hardly thundering, however the twenty metre falls before us used to be another ten metres higher!

Apparently the destruction of a hydroelectric dam up-river resulted in a thunderous flow of water downstream, causing significant damage in the process.

Despite no longer being at such a lofty height, it still presented us with a pretty beautiful view.

To approach the falls from below came with a price, so we baulked at that, instead wandering our way back through the lower reaches of the old town, picking up some groceries on the way back to our lodgings.


Our room with a view

Dinner was a disappointment, and when something as shitty as fish fingers (yes, those over processed, crumbed fish sticks) fail to reach an already very low bar, you know it’s time to call it a day.

We hadn’t expected much, but the soggy grey mush we consumed, was truly horrible!

Greeted with another bright day, after breakfasting we felt obliged to take another look at those falls, before further investigating the old town which we’d not given the time it deserved the previous afternoon.


Wandering the old town of Jajce

We had the run of the place, tourists and this time of year not really a combination of note, and we were soon forking out a few coins to explore an old tomb, and far more impressively, the fortress which dominates the town.

In truth, Grad Jajce itself isn’t all that much to write home about, but the views it offers, on another stunning Autumn day, now they well and truly justified the entrance fee!


Exploring the battlements of Grad Jajce (left) & Taking in the town below (right)


The chance to play in a castle all by ourselves. That’s what 4 KM got us…

We can’t honestly tell you if the visiting football team had a win… later that afternoon we were on the only bus to Mostar, although given the mid afternoon departure, it was looking likely we’d likely get there in the dark.



* Our bus from Sarajevo to Jajce cost 25.00 KM per person, plus another 2.00 KM each for our luggage.

* Entrance into the Catacombs (often called the Underground Church) costs 2.00 KM per person.

* Another 2.00 KM per person will get you into the fortress that overlooks the old town.

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5 Responses to Yahtzee!

  1. So much natural beauty! I hadn’t even heard of this place before.

  2. I’d never heard of Jajce but love that I now know how to pronounce it!! The natural landscape and the views from the castle look gorgeous, enough to make up for the mushy fishfingers!

  3. Neha Verma says:

    More than anything else, the natural beauty of this place strikes me the most. Such a stunning location. I won’t mind just sitting and watching the water, the mountains and the natural beauty all across. What a wonderful trip

  4. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    I was initially intrigued by seeing the title of your blog post. My intrigue was cleared by you in the opening few lines itself. But this place is so enchanting, what a lovely place. The waterfalls are really ethereal and they look like a silver waterfall.

  5. So beautiful! Loved the little waterfall in Jajce. Nature and history make for strange bed-friends. The most war torn regions have a great soul of beauty inside their lands. I think of the Andaman Islands in India and Sri Lanka near India to be similar. Torn by war, prison and slaves, the islands have so much beauty to explore!

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