Summer in Winter (Antalya)

Days: 528-529 (5 December 2015 – 6 December 2015)

Total distance travelled: 134,047.9 kilometres (83,259.57 miles)

We were headed south to the coast, our afternoon of exploring the incredible travertines of Pamukkale and the equally impressive ruins of Hierapolis behind us.

What this meant was another long bus journey, although given the lengths of some of our previous trips, this was in truth small fry.

This particular journey came with a complimentary meal, although when it’s flavour is labelled ‘Yellow Cheese’, perhaps it’s time you follow the lead of the chef on the front and say no.

Okay, so ultimately they weren’t that bad…

It was a pleasant walk to our accommodation, although the time worn cobbles, whilst visually lovely and adding to the ambience of the place, when traversed in flip flops and burdened by our packs, brought their own level of treacherousness.

The effort to get ourselves and our bags up a narrow flight of stairs at our hostel seemed trivial after that!


Do we trust the chef who says no? (left) & Admiring the faded glory of our surrounds (right)

After blue skies, but chill air, it was to our delight and surprise, that here in Antalya, apparently summer had never left, so we were able to soak up some rays and even wander in shorts and tee shirts in complete comfort.

This certainly made our hunt for some delicious Turkish Delight much more pleasurable (incredibly, we’d not yet had any since reaching Turkey).


Antalya: Summer in the midst of the Turkish winter!

We’d arrived in town with the plan of using it is a base for a couple of days, but there was no way we weren’t going to check it out as well.

You may have gathered its old quarter oozed charm, and combine this with the warmer climate and there was not one iota of regret that we’d come this far south.

We had the chance to take a peek at some aspects of daily life, and to top it all off some delectably sweet and gooey Turkish Delight was had as well!


Observing peaceful reflections with their god (left) & Worship of a different sort: Turkish Delight! (right)

Being the stellar day that it was, we certainly weren’t done just yet either, so our meanderings gave us further wonderful views of the city, whilst slowly but surely led u back towards the waterfront.

Here the city was fairly buzzing, as people sat sipping coffee or beer, dining al fresco or enjoying the activity around the harbour.

Oh, and of course there was a pirate ship!


Looking over another stunning city


Watching boats packed with revellers come and go

Okay, so it wasn’t Johnny Depp style, but there was certainly a pirate vibe, mixed with a party boat feel.

As we walked the stone dock, we never truly had any desire to board any of the vessels and partake in their short excursions, but true to their image, the prices were sheer piracy anyway!

We dodged our way beyond the spruikers, instead making our way to the harbours edge and the tumble of rough rocks and hewn stone that formed the breakwater.

The fisherfolk, more intent upon their catch caused us no annoyance.

No chill, a pleasant breeze and a warmth from the sun not felt in weeks.


A lovely evening for a waterfront stroll…

Not a bad place to use as a base for a couple of days as we explored its nearby surrounds!



* Our bus from Denizli to Antalya (including transfer from Pamukkale) cost us ŧ40.00 Lire per person.


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