I thought I’d add a few links we’ve found useful when researching new destinations, or tracking down cheap fares.


Now before we get into the nuts and bolts of this page, it’s time for a small shameless plug and some links where you can follow us further…




*None of these following sites sponsor us, or contribute to our travels. This is purely opinion based

Wikitravel includes some fairly broad travel information. It won’t always be up to date to the month/day, however it is great starting point for information on just about everywhere!


I’ve found the following are all decent search engines for cheap flights, however my first choice of the 3 is always Matrix Airfare Search!


Matrix Airfare Search


When it comes to guidebooks, we don’t recommend based on comparison, simply from experience (we don’t follow our Lonely Planet guidebooks religiously, nor have we tried their competitors, however these guys have always offered great history, maps, cultural and language guides). Perhaps it’s just that Australian connection? Whatever it is, we like them!

Lonely Planet

When we need to check international exchange rates, this is our personal favourite, XE


For an alternative to simply paying for a hostel, we’ve started experimenting with Workaway during our current global odyssey. This experience, where you exchange 5 hours of work for lodging and food is great for the thrifty, motivated traveller, and there are options that would suit all sorts!



It’s not easy to find decent Travel Blogs. The following are a few of the better ones (in my opinion)

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